A dental bridge is usually installed when there are missing teeth. Because of its functionality bridges can act as replacement to multiple missing teeth. Artificial teeth can fill the empty spaces left by broken or missing teeth and the dental bridge will be supported by two crowns. All the gaps can be covered accordingly with the help of these crowns. The pillars holding the bridge, are composed of implants or existing teeth.
With the advancement in technology, dentists and other dental experts were able to developed better pillars through hybrid of the existing teeth and implants.  Bridges serve many purposes. For one, it can safeguard the outer façade of the teeth. Second, it can preserve the withdrawal of gingival from the teeth. Bridges are found out to be more durable and stable than the crowns alone. They are widely available in the market and made up of different materials such as ceramic, zircon and sometimes, precious metals. In terms of properties and color, zircon bridges are considered better compared to metal ceramic bridges. If dental bridges are installed correctly, it can make the teeth durable for a longer period of time.