Dental cavities can greatly affect one’s oral health so it must be prevented through different means. It must not reach the core of the teeth such as the pulp and the dentin. While it must be removed as soon as it forms on the tooth, there are times that it affects the core of the teeth thus causing immense pain. The worst thing that could happen is when this pain develops into mouth infection which can kill the tooth or teeth. To answer this problem, crowns are used as one of the best solutions.
Crowns can improve the overall appearance of chipped, damaged or crooked teeth. This type of dental restoration caps or encircles a tooth. Dental cement is usually used to bond the crown into the tooth. There are different materials used to fabricate a crown. Some of the commonly used are gold crowns, porcelain crowns and zirconium crowns. Some patients choose gold because of its expansion properties, material costs and more aesthetic benefits. Porcelain fused to metal crowns consists of a metal shell and a veneer of porcelain. It is found to be more suitable for front teeth restorations since the porcelain can give the crown a white tooth-like appearance while the metal is known to provide strong compression and tensile strength. Zircon crowns are also popular for its aesthetic benefits. Being a hard ceramic, Zirconia is widely used as a strong base material in dental restorations. Zirconium oxide is the one being used in dentistry which is stabilized with the combination of yttrium oxide.