Dentists provide many dental services and tooth-filling is one of them. Dental filling is also known as dental restoration or dental restorative material. It can restore the functionality and integrity of a damaged tooth. The structural loss can be fixed by filling the part of the tooth with precious materials such as porcelain, alloy or gold.
Dental fillings can restore the overall morphology or a broken or damaged tooth. It can also replace that missing tooth structure used to support dental implants. The common types of dental fillings are direct restorations and indirect restorations. These are usually classified based on location and sizes. Root canal filling is another technique which is used to the space where a dental pulp used to be. Crowns are used for severe cases depending on the damage of the teeth and definitely takes time. The procedure also costs more. 
One can opt to have dental fillings for a more reasonable price using amalgam. The silver amalgam filling is made of mixed tin, silver, copper and mercury. While it is cheaper, amalgam does not produce aesthetically attractive result as compared to other types of fillings. It is also much brittle which can result to breakage. For the best aesthetic fillings, one can go for resin which is non-invasive and more bonded to the teeth. Precious metals are known to be more durable than amalgam. And unlike resin fillings, it does not chip easily.