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Condividi Kasemrad General Hospital sulla rete sociale


Kasemrad Prachacheun well aware of the cost that consumers pay for the medical treatment they want to receive. It endeavors to meet the needs of medical professionals in all fields. Using advanced technologies to achieve high efficiency and accuracy. The facilities on offer. Research to discover consumer needs and find ways to meet them. The key is to set a fair and reasonable fee. So that consumers feel that they get the services worth addition. Insurance Department has established relationships. To facilitate coordination. And transaction services. For patients. Insurance agent and the insurance company. For the treatment of each patient receives the maximum benefit.
Kasemrad. Pracha join the social security office, social security hospitals. Social Security Act by the first year. Since 2542 the trust has chosen Kasemrad Prachacheun the hospital and 40,000 people, Social Security number increased steadily. It currently has insured approximately 120,000 people have arranged separate to accommodate the insured to service a day, about 500 people held at OPD 2, 1 and patients in Ward 5 BC. 80 beds to accommodate the insured. Department has set up a medical coordinator. To coordinate the documents. Setting a withdrawal. Coordination between the department and the individual's Social Security Office. And other hospitals. Involved.


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