Metal-free crowns

Not all people have the opportunity to get their teeth cleaned through prophylaxis and are in the habit of brushing their teeth every now and then. Even those who are in the habit of brushing their teeth every after meals sometimes fail to thoroughly clean their teeth especially the parts where the toothbrush have a hard time of reaching into. And in such cases, teeth that are not properly and regularly cleaned eventually decay thanks to the accumulation of bacteria. The good news is that dentistry these days are able to find ways to still mend such damages caused to the teeth through means of implanting crowns. 
What happens is that the dentist completely caps or encircles the damaged part of the teeth by using dental cement. Though these days, crowns can be made out of a variety of materials with a lot of people preferring to have porcelain. Unlike metal crowns which can sometimes cause discomfort to the wearer of the implant, porcelain crowns are more comfortable. However, unlike the former, porcelain crowns can be a bit expensive. The good thing is that they are biocompatible and implants come with warranties and these means that if they fall apart in less than the number of years that they are expected to remain intact then the patient can have the implant fixed or perhaps, replaced. Another advantage of metal-free crowns is that they are far stronger than the conventional metal-crowns. So the next time that you plan on getting some dental implants, you may want to carefully consider which one would suit you better.