Pregnancy dentistry

Pregnant patients seeking dental appointments are handled by dentists differently as compared to their regular patient. The thing with pregnant women seeking dental assistance is that during her first trimester, the dentist has to encourage the patient to be strict when it comes to her oral hygiene. The dentist should also refrain from conducting any immediate treatment other than simple prophylaxis and scaling. At the same time, pregnant patients who need to have their jaws X-rayed needed to be treated differently since it can be harmful to the patient as well as to her baby. 
Another thing that cannot be utilized would be anesthetics since it has the potential to harm the pregnant patient and the baby. If in case a patient needs to be treated with the help of a radiograph perhaps, due to an emergency, the fewest number of images should be used. This can properly be done by using lead abdominal shield and by utilizing the lowest dose possible. When it comes to medication, penicillin, clindamycin and cephalosorins are only to be prescribed if necessary but otherwise, it is best avoided. However, if a pregnant woman is able to keep herself from getting unnecessary dental appointments then that is perhaps the best course of action.