Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is considered a basic responsibility of everyone. It is a must for us to brush our teeth and to use dental floss to make it cleaner and to have fresher breath. It is actually one of the most vital parts of oral hygiene. Aside from brushing our teeth twice a day, there is still a need to visit the dentist for a more professional teeth cleaning.
Dental plaque must be avoided so as to prevent tooth decay. And one measure to do this is by undergoing prophylaxis. This is the medical term for professional cleaning services provided by experts or dentists. This is an effective way to remove plaque and tartar. Tartar cannot be easily removed by brushes because they are hardened deposits. To remove them, the dentist uses ultrasonic vibrations to break the deposited tartar and instantly take them out of the way. Ultrasonic instruments also regulate the inner mouth temperature and can wash up off all the build ups and debris that has settled on the teeth.
It is strongly suggested to visit a dentist every six months to have prophylaxis treatment. This teeth cleaning procedure can also polish your teeth. They make use of soft cup made of rubber which spins when powered on to clean the teeth. As a final step in the cleaning procedure, fluoride gel is applied on the teeth to make them stronger and healthier.