Tips when Travelling in Thailand

What is great about Thailand as a place to spend a long vacation in is that there are a lot of beautiful places to see such as the lush jungles, frequently visited beaches and even their sports activities like top-class diving. People of all walks of life would book a place in Bangkok where they will plan their travel. Furthermore, travelers will not find it difficult finding a decent place where they can spend their days as they enjoy their trip. Affordable guest houses can be seen along with as low as ten thousand a night resorts in Thailand.

Thailand is perhaps one of the best places to go to in Southeast Asia since it is accessible and some of the things that you have to take note of are the following:

Accommodations: If you are travelling to Thailand and you are on a tight budget, your best option is to head up north as oppose to staying in Bangkok. Guest houses can cost as low as seven dollars per night in the cities and as low as four dollars on the countryside. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more luxurious accommodation, then be prepared to pay as much as seventeen dollars and more per night. Staying in a hotel can cost a traveler as much as thirty three US dollars per night while bigger resorts can be as much as fifty dollars per night, particularly bungalows on the beaches.

Meals: You will never experience being hungry in Thailand since food costs is not that much. Five to six dollars can get you a decent meal for the day while dining at a local food place can cost you only three dollars and a few cents per day. Western dishes on the other hand are a bit expensive around five dollars to ten dollars.

Transportation: In addition to food, transportation is also not much of a financial problem in Thailand. Local buses can cost as low as twenty five cents per trip while the Metro and Skytrain in Bangkok costs only twenty five cents to one dollar and twenty five cents depending on your destination. Cab rides on the other hand are more expensive than trains but still cheap at one dollar and seventy five cents with Tuk Tuks can cost as much as three to seven dollars, perhaps the most expensive mode of transportation a traveler can get himself on to. With regard to train services, they are more affordable during the daytime with passengers being charged only seven dollars while night trains are far more expensive at seventeen US dollars without air-conditioning. Vacationers who want to travel to different islands may pay as low as seven to fourteen dollars though they can get special packages for lower prices.

Activities: In addition to the things mentioned above, tours during the day only cost seventeen to thirty five US dollars per day while trekking costs thirty to fifty US dollars daily. Those who enjoy diving who want to experience a PADI dive certification course which is perhaps one of the most popular activities in Thailand may need to prepare as much as three hundred US dollars.

Tips When It Comes To Optimizing and Saving Money While In Thailand

There are a lot of strategies that a tourist can utilize to be able to maximize his financial resources and still enjoy his or her vacation such as:

Utilize The Local Options: There is no need to spend much money when it comes to transportation and even food. An average Thai can survive a month in Bangkok having only two-hundred thirty dollars and this is even less when it is in the countryside. Staying at affordable guest houses and eating healthy, good and affordable food can make a lot of difference.

Street Foods: The good thing about street foods in Thailand is that they are safe to eat and sometimes, even safer than dining in a restaurant. In addition to this, Thai street goods taste good and are affordable.

Happy Hours:  Take advantage of Thailand’s happy hours which cuts the prices of drinks to half. Establishments during this hour also offer customers two for one special which can really help save a lot of money plus enjoyment.

7/11: If you want to drink beer and still be able to save money then you will have to learn to buy beer in convenient stores like 7/11 where beers are more affordable as compared to bars.

Place to Visit

Bangkok: The city that tourists should never miss to visit. Places like temples, markets, palaces, and shops are but a few of Bangkok’s main attraction. In addition to this, Thailand’s nightlife is very exciting and lively, not to mention the Thai food being served in various establishments.

Chiang Mai: Travelers who are fond of jungle trekking will definitely find this location to their liking. The old city is filled with temples and is surrounded by a thick jungle. There is also a nearby elephant sanctuary and the market offers the best deals in the country.

Khao Yai National Park: Just three hours north of Bangkok, tourists who want to enjoy nature and perhaps just have a good day’s work out will find this place suitable. What makes this place great is that it is not filled with a lot of people. Diving and hiking and even observing wild elephants are but a few activities that can be experienced here.

Khao Sok National Park: Opposite of where Khao Yai is located is one of the best parks that people across the globe go to. This offers a great adventure for those who enjoy trekking jungles, spelunking, and traversing limestone krysts. This is a must see location for every tourist out there.

Ancient Capitals: In between Chiang Mai and Bangkok are Thailand’s ancient capitals; Sukothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya. The travel is worth it since tourists will be able to learn how rural life is in Thailand and about ancient times in Thailand as well.

Tropical Islands: Tourists who are into island hopping will be delighted to know that Thailand has a lot of beautiful islands. There are even some islands that have a bungalow on them. There are a lot of islands that are worth visiting such as  Ko Chang, Ko Tao, Ko Jum and many more.


Full Moon Party: People who enjoy partying can always participate in one of the world’s most famous forms of party which is the Full Moon Party. The main idea here is that twenty thousand people will be partying till sunrise on a beach located in Haat Rin, Koh Phangan.

Jungle Treekking: Thailand has a lot of places that are surrounded by dense jungles that jungle trekking has become an activity for most tourists.

Scuba Diving: Another popular activity that travelers can enjoy would be scuba diving and the best place to go to learn it without having to spend much is on the island of Kao Tao.

Cooking: Thai food is very exquisite and if there is something that a tourist should not miss is the opportunity to learn how to cook Thai food. There are a lot of places in Thailand where a tourist can learn how to cook different Thai foods.

Accommodation: One of the best places to go to when it comes to retiring for the day would be Suk 11 Guesthouse which is located in Bangkok, the Chada Guesthouse that is located in the same city. Travelers planning to stay long in the Chiang Mai area then there’s Julies, Kodchasri’s B&B.

Restaurants: There is Isao Sushi for those who are craving for some Japanese cuisine in Bangkok, Catalana Tapas as well and for those who have a taste for Indian cuisine, there is Om Ganesh Indian in Ko Phangan.