To improve the overall appearance of a tooth or teeth, a veneer is placed over it. It is a thin layer of material which is usually made of composite veneer and dental porcelain. Aside from aesthetic benefits, veneer is highly durable and can make your teeth extra shiny. Veneers are usually custom-made and get bonded to your natural teeth to have better outlook and alignment. It is a great solution if you are having problems with crowded, chipped or discolored teeth.
A composite veneer may be directly placed or indirectly fabricated before getting bonded.  Resin cement is used to keep it in place and to stay there for as long as you need it. Unlike composite veneer, porcelain veneer is always indirectly fabricated. These are usually placed over the upper front teeth unlike crowns which are laid upon molar and premolar teeth.
Veneers play a significant role in the field of dentistry. It can restore a fractured or discolored tooth. Multiple veneers can be used to close teeth gaps and provide your teeth with a uniform color, better shape or symmetry and shine.