Dentist in Thailand: How to save thousands of dollars

Gleaming, white, flawless teeth have become everybody’s dream today. Movie stars, politicians, business people, all the confident and successful rulers of the media are beaming their perfect smiles at us. Who wouldn’t want to walk through life wearing proudly that kind of a smile? In spite of all the benefits of modern dental, the prices are too high for most people in the West, and in these shaky times people often decide to save money for “more important things”. That bill we often have to pay later in life.

If you feel above mentioned applies to you too, embrace the good news! Dental work does not need to be expensive any more, and we owe our thanks for it to two magic words: dental tourism. 

Land of Smiles

Although healthy white smile is priceless to person’s health and life quality, it often costs too much in dental clinics of developed countries. High cost of student loans needed to educate a dentist, many years invested in specialization, real-estate and rental prices and higher life costs – all share the guilt of having high-cost dental services. This however is not the case in some other countries where life costs are much lower.

Thailand is one of those – a dental paradise. Costs of dental treatments in Thailand are about 50 – 70% of those in the US or Australia. A popular nickname for Thailand is The Land of Smiles. This is not just because Thai people are extremely friendly in nature, but also because this country will put a proud smile back on your face. 

How can you save money on dental care in Thailand?

Ok, now it is time for some figures and hard facts. Let’s compare some prices of dental services in Thailand and Australian dental clinics.

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Thailand is rising in Medical Tourism

In recent years dental tourism in Thailand is on the rise. Many people from abroad have recognized the benefits of coming here. According to new data, 1.5 million patients come to the country every year to enjoy dental services at reasonable price. Among those, most abundant are tourists from Australia, UK, US, Germany, Japan and Middle East countries.

This is no wonder since the country has been repeatedly rated as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world. There are plenty of reasons for it. Thailand is famous for its excellent private hospitals, professional doctors, top-notch technology and significantly lower prices. The largest private hospital in all of Asia is located here: the Bumrungrad International Hospital.

On the wings of medical tourism boom, dental branch has also prospered. Modern equipment, new technologies and experienced practitioners are the golden standard in Thailand. Understanding how safety and certificates are important to their overseas clients, many dentists here go through the trouble of getting accredited by American Board. The same goes for hospitals and clinics that invest in their accreditation. Next to all these benefits, Thai professionals are famous for their hospitality and people skills.

To Australians Thailand has become a synonym for high-quality modern dentistry and as a result is an extremely attractive option. It is fairly close, much closer than other countries offering good dental tourism prospects. Professionals in dental services speak good English, and many got their education in English-speaking universities abroad. Even in the general tourist population, Australians are on the top of visitor statistics. With the progress of medical care in Thailand, country’s opening to medical tourists and sky-high rise of medical care at home, more and more Australians are coming to solve their medical problems. This phenomenon has great concerns for domestic dental and medical associations, which fear even greater loss of patients than travel abroad, particularly to Thailand. 

This is why medical tourism in Thailand enjoys a double-digit increase in visits each year. The future of Thai dental tourism looks very bright and you shouldn’t hesitate to harvest these benefits. 

Dental clinic hubs in Thailand

Bangkok as capital city offers most abundant dental services in the country. As you can see on the map, majority of available clinics are located here.

For those who wish to experience natural beauties of highland parts of the country in their spare time, Chiang Mei is a great option. It is the capitol of second largest province and offers good dental care accordingly.

Phuket is an island on south of the country which is famous for resort-tourism. Fixing your teeth while enjoying tropical beaches sounds like a great plan.

Benefits of having your dentist in Thailand

Amazing dental care

Praising Thailand’s dental service is definitely not only empty words. The country is known for investing heavily into medicine, both in terms of technology and investing in professionals. This is clear from the fact country has over 500 American-Board certified practitioners that operate in one of over 120 private hospitals, including 30 Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals, and additional 350 Thai hospitals accredited by Ministry of Public Health. Many Thai dental specialists have studied and specialized abroad.

Dental clinics in Thailand are well equipped and can provide you with innovative treatments which are not behind those offered at clinics in the developed world. Do not let low prices fool you. There are solid reasons why country is becoming one of the leading destinations in dental tourism. Thailand has the latest medical technology in its modern clinics, lead by professionals trained in top universities in the world. All of them are devoted to solving your dental problems.

Ease of access

Thailand is easily reachable by plane, since Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is a major international hub in this part of Asia. Other available airports include Don Muang near Bangkok, airports near Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhothai, Hat Yai and Samui. Arriving by air is the best idea usually, but if you happen to travel from neighboring countries like Cambodia, Malaysia or Laos getting in via road is also an option. Travelling by sea is possible on cruisers or private boats, but this is a method of choice for minority of visitors.

Touristic paradise

Although dental services are of very high quality, the country has first been known as a tourist paradise. When arriving to Thailand, it is very much recommended to stay for at least a week to complete all the dental treatments you need and to experience local culture. There are many heritage sites of old palaces and temples which are mesmerized to people from other continents so accustomed to different architecture and history. Another aspect to explore is breathtaking natural beauties of tropical paradise beaches of the entire south and forest highlands to the north. Wherever you go to Thailand you will find both natural and cultural beauties. Well known Thai cuisine that has conquered first world countries alongside other East-Asian restaurants will certainly add to the experience. Next to all these exotic Eastern wonders, the country offers a lot of urban content, which will help you feel more at home. You can choose to spend your time in one of the many American-like shopping centers in order to gain all the comforts you might miss from home.

Famous Thai hospitality

As mentioned above, friendliness of local people is a huge plus for Thailand, and not simply in classic touristic sense. Of course, when you are visiting a foreign country, it’s always easier and more comfortable when people around you are kind. The fact that almost everyone speaks English and is very helpful and approachable certainly adds a good flavor to the country’s touristic perspective.

But as a dental tourist you are more than a tourist. You are a patient and in that vulnerable position you expect and even demand good treatment. Thai people will not disappoint you. Welcoming, accommodating, pleasant in their communication with their patients, you will feel you are in safe and competent hands – and just relax while receiving your new smile.

Tips how to chose a good dentist

Look for guarantees

It is a good idea to go for dentist abroad through certified agencies. Most agencies work only with accredited and verified dentists and provide you with certain guarantees before you take off for Thailand. Ask about previous patient reviews and gain as much information as you can about the doctors. You shouldn’t go for the lowest bidder, but instead research what is offered to suit your needs. Dental services in the country are very good, but you will feel more comfortable if you are sure what you are getting yourself into. For example, you will want to know which payment method is approved and so on. 

Plan in advance

Considering the vast population visiting Thailand each year to take care of their teeth it might not be a smart move to just go for a vacation and stop for dental unannounced. Good dentists are well known and they have a tight schedule so you should contact them well in advance, either through agency either on your own initiative. Book an appointment before you buy the plane tickets, and research well everything you need to know before leaving for the trip. Many clinics and hospitals are well connected to local hotels and they can suggest to you where to stay.

Ask for quote

Don’t be shy and get in contact with your chosen dentist. It will be reassuring for you to talk through with him your dental needs and it will allow you to ask for quote for procedures you are planning to undergo. Although best dentist are quite busy, you deserve the one who will invest time in you to explain all the treatments he will perform, their necessity, consequences, recovery time and of course the costs.

Enjoying Thailand as a tourist

Many Australian and US visitors are excited to arrive to, coming from their perspective, such an exotic country. In the same time, they are not sure what to see and wonder will they miss on something in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Allow me to give you some useful advice what to visit in Thailand.

As most of the clinics are available in Bangkok, the capitol and largest city, majority of patients come here. But once you are there, you should really take your time to experience all the other wonders Bangkok has to offer. It is a cultural centre of Thailand with many palaces, museums and wats (temples) to visit. One of the most famous is Wat Arun, the highest pre-modern building in the country. Many theaters give plays of puppet shows, Thai musical dramas and other traditional performances. The Floating Markets of Damnoen Sadauk and the Old City offer an authentic experience next to the rich historical heritage.  Beautiful public parks are open for visitors, although most of them are in some way related to the royal family. Interestingly, the current king Rama IX is the longest serving monarch in the history (he is leading Queen Elizabeth II by almost 7 years).

The northern province of Chiang Mei is one of the most important destinations in the country. Wonderful tropical mountain climate, absorbing natural surroundings and great historical legacy are among many reasons people choose to come here. Chiang Mei has been a capital city of the medieval Lanna Kingdom since the 13th century. This different origin and historical path of the region yielded a distinctive culture and customs. Food, art, handcrafts and music here differ from other parts of the country.

Phuket is an island in the south region, located on the west shores of the Andaman Sea. This sea is a touristic mecca that attracts many people on its amazing beaches. City of Phuket started as an important trading route between India and China, and it was long known under the name of Jung Ceylon. In spite of its size the island has a very diverse landscape, with hills and rainforests in the north and beaches on the central western coast where the famous Patong beach lays. If you decide to combine health and vacation in Phuket, you will find many interesting activities there. Here you can find a lot of resorts and luxury hotels. Possible ways to spend your free time include visiting coral islands, snorkeling, scuba diving and all the excitements of holidays on the beach.

Wherever you go in Thailand for dental tourism, you won’t regret the service or the landscape. Coming from Australia or US, this is one of the best places to regain your dental health and enjoy a good vacation. Thai people will welcome you!